On our social media channels and on our website, we want to offer a forum for all topics related to the festival and music in all its facets. This also includes the exchange with and within the community.

For us, Festival Feeling means not only lightheartedness and good humor, but also constructive interaction with each other. To ensure that this is also the case on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube and that everyone feels comfortable, we expect our users to treat each other with respect and without discrimination. Please therefore adhere to the following rules:

We use gender-appropriate language on all our channels. The aim of gender-appropriate language is to raise awareness of and address all gender diversity. We therefore use gender-neutral language, including the forms ‘you’, ‘they’ ‘your’ or the name of the individual instead of the male-biased variations. This variation of gender-sensitive language includes not only the binary genders, but also people who do not identify in these categories.

We reserve the right to adapt the Netiquette. Posts that violate the aforementioned rules will be deleted or, if necessary, disabled by us. In the case of repeated violations, we will block users. All users are responsible for their own published contributions, the Reeperbahn Festival does not assume any liability.

We hope you enjoy communicating,
Your Reeperbahn Festival Team