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Acts, Acts, Acts!

Besides AVEC, Temples, Maddie Zahm, Jazmin Bean, Gretel Hänlyn and Blumengarten, we are looking forward to 41 more super cool musicians. Enjoy a full load of music, which you can already listen to in advance on our playlists on Deezer & Co. There's a lot more to come! 


It must be the mountains of her home in Upper Austria that turn Miriam Hufnagl’s songwriting into a summer night’s dream. Since the release of her debut EP, “Heartbeats” (2015), the singer–songwriter has celebrated one artistic success after another in the Alpine state under her pseudonym, AVEC, even though – or precisely because – she always tackles very difficult topics. Hufnagl sings about life and death as well as about toxic relationships, nature, home, and the desire to get somewhere in life. 


It was almost a perfect twelve-month cycle from the Temples’ first self-recorded songs on YouTube to their UK debut headline tour. That's around ten years hence now, and since then the quartet from Kettering has been tirelessly driving their equally dreamy and ecstatic sound ever onward towards the rainbow, inch by inch. They unfurl neo-psychedelia in a thousand facets, make it dance with British grinning glam-rock gestures and then dip it into a glossy pop appeal until the elements fly off in all directions.  

Maddie Zahm 

Maddie Zahm's first songs dealt with unhappy relationships, coming-of-age issues and a candid coming to terms with her life story. The singer-songwriter from Idaho then experienced tough times, seeking to find herself as an artist but also as a person, until realising she had to change things. Despite her management pointing her towards country music, she just knew it wasn’t the right form of expression for her. Instead, Zahm looked inward, drew new inspiration and crafted five songs about religious trauma, body ideals and sexuality in the 21st century.  

Jazmin Bean 

To great acclaim among the international online community, Jazmin Bean has been revamping herself and her audiovisual style time and again for a number of years now. inspired by sources ranging all the way from Hello Kitty, Filipino demons, films by Tim Burton and the Muppets spinoff Fraggle Rock, the English singer does whatever she feels like: trap metal and hyperpop, cyber-punk and post-industrial, makeup art and social media stunts. Whatever Bean takes on fast becomes a kaleidoscope of futuristic visions that either disturb or delight. 

Gretel Hänlyn 

She borrowed her name from a distant German great-aunt, she has extracted her musical inspirations from unvarnished alternative rock, British post-punk, and disillusioned grunge, and she has developed her lyrics through her view of the world: Gretel Hänlyn is a songwriter with class who pursues her musical vision without regard for hypes. This vision is shaped by her sonorous voice, fuzzy guitars, and an unconditional self-confidence.  


Barely a year ago, Blumengarten released their debut EP, “Sag deinen Freunden, dass du sie liebst” (“Tell your friends that you love them”) and not only made the German pop landscape bloom, but also gave one of the most valuable pieces of social advice in these inhospitable times: Yes, we should all tell our friends more often how much we love them – and play a song by Blumengarten while doing so. Why not?! Rayan and Sammy are two musicians that only come around once a generation Germany. One of their many specialities involves creating light and airy pop without pretences that points out the important things in life.  

Our other new confirmations:  

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