© Elena Peters-Arnolds
© Elena Peters-Arnolds

Heads up: Show days and new acts on­line!

Fuffifufzich was born with sunglasses, according to her biography - slay! 

We are therefore especially happy that we can now bring some of this coolness to our festival. Together with Bibiza, Wa22ermann, Baby Rose and many more, incredibly great artists, she is expanding our 2023 line-up. Does it get any better than this?   

Yes, because from now on you can check out the show days on our website and plan your festival visit even better. If you don't have tickets yet, you should take a look at our ticket shop as soon as possible. 



As if from a parallel dimension in which the disco era of the late 1970s only began in the 2010s, Fuffifufzich celebrates the endless facets of that certain feeling that we often enough cannot comprehend but that was commonly known at some point as “love” – or something like that. But how is it still possible to sing about love in times like these without sounding kitschy or crazy? Well, with Fuffifufzich’s music, spherical synths meet ambiguous lyrics full of wordplay and irony that approach every possible emotional minefield without missing a step.  


Aged just 12, his intrinsic motivation prompted Franz Bibiza to start his career as a musician. He played covers of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Cure or the Smashing Pumpkins, immersed himself in the organically grooving sound of these cult bands and uploaded the results to YouTube. At first nothing happened, with his videos meant for private use only. Shortly afterwards, though, inspired by rappers like Cro, the budding star switched to hip-hop and plunged into a real frenzy of productivity. 


Even though her career began in the middle of the pandemic, it didn’t take more than a few tracks for Wa22ermann to quickly gain ground in the German hip-hop landscape. It has actually not been difficult at all for the woman who, at just 24, has already had to go through many struggles in her life. The rapper from Kreuzberg counters the macho airs of a still-male-dominated genre with authentic lyrics and gritty urban beats that define her own style, which lies somewhere between trap, Jersey drill, and battle rap.  

Baby Rose 

She named her first mixtape after a splatter classic from the 90s and immediately enjoyed unparalleled success with it: “From Dusk ‘til Dawn” (2017) was a huge hit at the time and was celebrated by US stars such as R’n’B artists SZA and Kehlani as well as rappers J. Cole and Matt Martian. With her bluesy alto voice influenced by the legendary Nina Simone and the highly unconventional production methods she always uses, she soon gathered a global following and proved to be an artistic chameleon of international stature.  


Also announced:  

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Cancellation unfortunately had to be made by: 

Big Joanie
Blue in Tokio