Portrait Juli
© Amelie Siegmund

Juli, Zim­mer90, Joep Be­ving, and many more con­fir­med!

Who in Germany doesn't remember their hit "Perfekte Welle" from 2004? Juli have shaped German pop history for over two decades and continue to prove that they have never lost their knack for catchy melodies. Together with you, they will be celebrating their 20th anniversary at our festival!  

Zimmer90's sound comes out of the speakers as flavourful and warm as a black coffee on a relaxed Sunday morning. The duo from Stuttgart celebrates electronically accentuated indie pop with English lyrics that crawl under your skin with their honesty  

Founding his first band at the age of 14 and then being abruptly torn from his piano studies at the conservatory due to tendonitis - Joep Beving's story is like a film for which he has always written his score.   

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