Poträt Mike Malak
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Live is Be­au­ti­ful

Live is Beautiful - The best proof for this assumption are the current half-year figures of the large listed concert groups, which exceeded even the wildest expectations of the financial analysts. However, the success stories are unevenly distributed, countered by quite a few press reports about canceled festivals, tours and concerts.   

The difference between big and small in the concert business has become much bigger, because it is not only the tickets that are getting more expensive. It is the year of arena concerts and stadium tours, the success of which is causing problems for festivals and club concerts. It is still too early to speak of a trend. Nevertheless, there are developments and insights to discuss about the impact this exceptional year will have on the concert industry.  

The agenda of the Reeperbahn Festival's conference on "Live" is thus set: "Social Ticketing versus Dynamic Pricing", "By no means: The Show Must Go On" or "BooKing by ChatGPT" exemplarily negotiate some of the topics and aspects that will influence the business of those who are active in this industry in the future. 



Mike Malak, Concert Agent, Wasserman 
Lisa Canehl, Booker/Communication Manager, Appletree Garden  
Selina Meyer, Booking Agent, All Artists Agency 
Justin Sweeting, Head of Music, Magnetic Asia 
Carol Meyer, Director, Art Rock Festival 
Annika Hintz, Head of Music Booking Superbloom, Goodlive  
Till Krägeloh, Managing Director, Watt en Schlick Fest