© Maximilian König

Mu­sic, mu­sic, mu­sic!

Hardly anyone who is interested in electronic music could fail to understand the enthusiasm for Kiasmos' debut. The press and audience praised the duo with hymns of honour. Janus Rasmussen and Ólafur Arnalds take us to the dreamlike landscapes of Iceland with their project!   

Broadway productions, HBO series, Hollywood films - there is hardly anything that The Lemon Twigs have not already tried successfully. As fulfilling as a summer's day at the lake with friends, as nostalgic as a popsicle and as well produced as a Beatles album, The Lemon Twigs ride away from everyone on their colourfully decorated hypetrain. Next stop: Reeperbahn Festival.   

The Wasia Project's emotionally rich bedroom pop holds the instrumental qualities of a young chamber orchestra on the one hand and the charm of an indie combo with big ambitions on the other. And who could blame them? Last year they completed their first headlining tour in the UK, and this year we can welcome them to our stage.   

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